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Central Community Choir

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Central Community Choir

Thursdays 6-8pm

Kings Hall (41 South Clerk Street, EH8 9NZ)

Subs £5/week 

New Term Start: Thurs 11th Jan

We are an up-beat & feisty community choir right in the heart of Edinburgh!

We sing music that kicks a groove - and all the parts are taught by ear which means you don't need to be able to read music, but you do need to be able to let loose and give it a go! The music soars between soul, rock, pop - songs which we love singing and pack a punch.

Please get in touch via our contact form or email to book a FREE taster session!
The booking button is for use by our regular members

 "Joining a choir had been something I wanted to do for years but lacked the courage to join. You welcomed me in with no audition and the sessions we had were wonderful fun with serious singing and has given me the confidence to carry on singing in a choir always.  You always made our afternoons such lively, energetic fun but with such professionalism you brought out the very best in all of us.” – Di 

Leith Theatre - joint Phoenix Community Choirs : "Bring Me A Higher Love"

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