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Extra Events

We do more than just our own rehearsals & concerts - we run workshops, create and perform at different events, record for various artists, perform at festivals - we're open to lots of ideas, so get in touch if you want to explore using our choir, arrangements or musical direction for your project.

Kelburn Moon.jpg
Kelburn Moon.jpg


The choirs are available for unique performance oppotunities - and we can help to tailor for what you are looking for. We bring different choirs and different numbers depending on what's most suitable - for instance we had the full Carers & Co Choir performing at the opening of the Vocal (Voices of Cares Across Lothians) Headquarters, but brought a smaller section of the Soul & Gospel Choir for a Brewhemia "Sunday Soul Brunch Sessions" performance. 

You can book us to perform a set of music from our current repertoire, or we can talk about performing your music, or even build on creating and developing a unique piece for recording or performance together. Here are a few events we've been part of so far: 

"We Are One" - Recording, The War & Treaty

Kelburn Garden Party (pictured left) - performing our Sunday Soul session on the Landing, as well as performances around the site - including in the waterfall!

"Give It Up for Christmas" - Recording, Christmas release for The Lutras


"The Mouth of the River" -Collaboration and performance of original song by V A Scotland

"Soutra - Carabet of Pestilience" - collaboration and performance for Surgeon's Hall

"How I Got Over - Doc'n'Roll" - Performance for documentary festival in Cameo Cinema

"Colours Classical" - Performance with Colours & RSNO in Usher Hall


Throughout the year we run various workshops, and welcome external hosts to run workshops for our choirs. 

We offer corporate workshops as a way of building communication, team-building and raising moral - and we can tailor these events to suit your businesses goals. 

We run different vocal workshops which focus on different musical skills - vocal coaching and vocal health, basic singing techniques, soul style and improvisation, and whilst the places are offered to members of our choirs first, they are open to anyone who wants to learn!

We also run some guest workshops from exciting musicians who can offer new things to our choirs - such as Bruno Ashley from Mema Arts, who brings his songs from South Africa & Zimbabwe.

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United in Music 2.jpg
United in Music 1.jpg

International Workshops

Kat has been part of numberous international workshops over the past few years - which have all been incredible experiences!

Each project is unique, with different goals, methods and participants and outcomes, but they usually includes facilitating music based workshops with participants from around the world, and with different musical abilities and cultures. 
Working with Zavod Apis in Slovenia, the music camps have included song-writing, cultural exchange through music, creating and rehearsing as a choir, and  public performances at the end of the project!

It's been a wonderful way to meet amazing people and learn about their cultures and music, as well as creating something new together - music can be a tool to communicate beyond borders, barriers and languages.

Please get in touch if you have a project in mind and would like an experienced facilitator! 

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