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The Phoenix Choir





The Phoenix Choir is an umbrella of four fabulous choirs in Edinburgh. Each of the groups cater to a different area and style, but they are all up-beat, encouraging and follow the ethos that music should be made with passion and open to all! Check out our different groups to see which is the best fit for you, and get in touch to book a Free Taster Session!


We are launched ourselves into the year with a burst of energy - and we've got a series of concerts with each choir to show you what we've been working on!

Surround Sound - An immersive show brought to you by the Soul & Gospel Choir
Tuesday 28th March, Doors @ 7pm Old Dr Bells Baths, Leith
Tickets: (SOLD OUT)

Carers & Co Choir -  We're opening our doors to showcase what we've been wokring on this term, and entrance is FREE!
Tuesday 28th March, Doors @ 11am Nicholson Square, Nicholson Sq Methodist Church

Central Choir Spring Concert - From Etta James to Mumford & Sons, sharing our up-beat set from this term!
Thursday 30th March, Doors @ 7pm, Summerhal, Newington

Leith Choir Spring Concert - From Des'ree to the Bahamas, up-lifting songs from this term!
Wednesday 12th April, Doors @7pm Out of the Blue Drill Hall, Leith


It's been a difficult few years but we've stayed strong and we're back to our fully in-person rehearsals! We have been following all Scottish Gov guidelines for rehearsals, and as such are not currently distancing or wearing masks. However we're still making plenty of space for any members who do want to keep their distance or keep their masks on. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to drop Kat a message. 

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About Us
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Joining a choir is a great way to get singing, improve your voice, meet new people and make great friends! There are endless health and well-being benefits to singing with a choir (which you can read more about on our "about me" page) - but why not come along and see for yourself! Your first session with any of the choirs is free and there's no obligation to sign up for bulk rehearsals, so you have nothing to lose!

Click here to book your Free Taster Session now: 

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