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The Phoenix Choir





The Phoenix Choir is an umbrella of four fabulous choirs in Edinburgh. Each of the groups cater to a different area and style, but they are all up-beat, encouraging and follow the ethos that music should be made with passion and open to all! Check out our different groups to see which is the best fit for you, and get in touch to book a Free Taster Session!


We are extremely excited to get back on the stage again! We have two concerts this December:
Edinburgh Carol Concert: Tuesday 14th Dec, St Giles Cathedral. 
Our three community choirs come together for a magical night in the stunning setting of St Giles Cathedral, with a concert for Ronald McDonald House Charity. 

Phoenix Choir LIVE!: Wednesday 15th Dec, La Belle Angele
Our Soul & Gospel Choir are bringing a storm of sound to La Belle, with a hot set of new songs! 


It's been a difficult year all round - but we are very excited to be going back to in-person rehearsals this September! We will be following all the guidelines for performing arts set out by the Scottish Government, as well as those of our venues - if you want any more info about our rehearsal process then please get in touch. 

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