The Short Version:

If you’ve had any interaction with the choir, you’ll have come across Kat. Founder and leader of the choirs, she is hugely passionate about music – performing, teaching, working with others, singing with choirs, everything.
“I really believe that everyone can sing, and that everyone can love singing!”

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Testimonials from some of my previous choirs and projects:

Community Choir:    “Kat is a fantastic singer and musician. She has so much energy and enthusiasm and was brilliant at getting us to perform at our best in the Musicbird choir. She was inspirational and gave me the confidence to sing out and to perform and to really enjoy singing. – Liz (MusicBird Choir)

Community Choir:    ” I also wanted to thank you for the wonderful 2 years I’ve had with the Musicbird Choir in Topsham.  Joining a choir had been something I wanted to do for years but lacked the courage to join. You welcomed me in with no audition and the sessions we had were wonderful fun with serious singing and has given me the confidence to carry on singing in a choir always.  You always made our afternoons such lively, energetic fun but with such professionalism you brought out the very best in all of us.” Di (MusicBird Choir)

kat condicting leith fest

Corporate Workshop:Kat led a fantastic session for us when we re-located two offices into one. We wanted an activity that would bring both groups together as one, all “singing from the same hymn sheet” and Kat certainly delivered that for us (although no hymn sheets were actually used!). Her energy and enthusiasm meant that even those initially reticent to get involved were more than happily singing and clapping along by the end of the hour. Her infectious style and fabulous ear for music meant that we created something that sounded great, singing in 4 part harmonies by the end of 60 minutes. I would highly recommend this type of activity for any company looking for a team building or motivational exercise, and I don’t believe you would find anyone better than Kat to run the session.”  – Judith Yates, HR Director, BPA Quality & EMEA

The Long Version:

I started my Choir career whilst at the University of Exeter studying Drama – when I joined the Uni Soul Choir in 2008 and absolutely fell in love with soul & gospel singing in a big group! The following year me and a friend took the reigns of running the choir and it’s all grown since then!

I absolutely love singing in groups – both the full belt style of gospel and soul, as well as getting people involved in community choirs who didn’t think they could – or were told at school that they couldn’t sing and haven’t since! Yes you can!

I also love approaching music in my own style – who wants to sound like the record? I write all the arrangements myself to suit our singers and our styles – often with a bit of a twist!

Having been based in Exeter until 2015, I’ve been involved in many different music projects, and if you feel like it you can read about them here:

The Magic Flute, The Bikeshed Theatre  – Musical Director (I re-wrote the opera in a 20s swing style!) Nominated for the Peter Brook Empty Space Award (National Theatre) 2012

The Bikeshed Theatre – Musical Collaborator. I contributed to various productions through collaborations with cast members to create new songs for shows, as well as create whole soundtracks for new writing, including “Bunnies” and “Playing with Snails”.

Sister Act – I had the absolute honour of playing Deloris/Sister Mary Clarence in the EMS production of “Sister Act” in the Northcott Theatre – and it was amazing! Soul, Gospel, Sequins, Nuns, thigh-high purple boots. Absolutely loved it!

Razzamataz Theatre School –  Principal. I ran the children’s theatre school for three years, which covered singing, dance and drama lessons for children aged 6 – 18. We covered commercial styles like street-dance as well as more traditional musical theatre styles of performance, and enjoyed putting on performances over the years including whole school musicals and performing in the West End in Her Majesty’s Theatre!

Music on the Move, Slovenia – Musical Director. I’m very excited to be going back to Slovenia again this year to be part of a fantastic prjoct by Zavod Apis, who bring a group of young people from across Europe together through music.

In 2015 I made the move to the beautiful city of Edinburgh, where I started to build choirs up from scratch and am very proud of everything we’ve achieved so far! From concerts in St Giles Cathedral with the community choirs, to the Soul & Gospel choir singing in Usher Hall with RSNO for Colours Classical, and hosting our own concerts in Queen’s Hall – onwards and upwards!

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Adam aka The Right Hand Man

Adam Muir is an Edinburgh based musician, teacher, performer, & general rogue multi-instrumentalist, and he has been with the Phoenix Soul & Gospel choir since its inception in 2015. He speaks entirely in the third person.
At a young age he learned the piano, hated it, kicked, screamed, dropped it, then decided to re-teach himself so he could impress people by playing Queen songs at house parties. By the end of School, after adding guitar to his arsenal, he was ready to go forth into the world and make noises.
And make noises he did. Having a melange of inspirations, he has been in a steady stream of choirs, jazz ensembles, rock bands and other creative projects. In 2014 he decided to make teaching guitar his primary occupation and has been a full time musician ever since.
He plays guitar (well), piano (competently), saxophone (technically), & sitar (sounds good?).
Since meeting Kat Brooks in late 2015 he has been with the Phoenix Choir steadfast through their rise to glory. From their first show with 20 members in Stockbridge Parish Church, to the Queen’s Hall in July 2019, Adam has been bashing keys, shepherding basses & tenors and occasionally taking a hand in arranging.
5 years later after finally writing his website Bio, he looks forward to his countinued tenure as Admiral Phoenix as the choir continues on to bigger and better things.

Joe – Youth Choir Leader

Joe started playing piano at the age of 16, he passed grade 8 classical piano with merit at the age of 18 and has since then started exploring a variety of contemporary styles, from Jazz and Blues to Musical Theatre and Pop.

Joe has performed across the UK as part of The Alleycats contemporary A Cappella group, both in national and international competitions, and at a multitude of private functions. He also toured the eastern United States with them as a tenor and their musical director in 2015.

He has been musical director for productions of RENT and Hedwig and the Angry Inch in St Andrews and played keyboards on both occasions.

As a Piano-Vocalist and Keyboard player, he has played a sell-out run at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2018 with a Billy Joel tribute show, and performs regularly in various function bands and as a solo performer.

 My teaching philosophy centres around the expressive and performative aspects of music, underpinned by correct and sustainable technique and an understanding of music theory. In practice, this enables students to learn through working within the style with which they’re most comfortable. This also works if they are wanting to try a new style.

 I have substantial experience in working with voices in a sustainable and safe way. I take on students of all abilities; from beginners wishing to know where to start, through to seasoned professionals who may come to me for a shorter time to fix a consistent problem they’ve been having, or to push them into a new level of achievement and creativity.